Legends Of Therus

Adventurer's compendium: entry 6

Dear adventurer.
We had made it out into the light ouside, into a strange semiciruclar area of scorched earth with a sheer drop on the otherside.
We saw a strange living tree which we realised was a mimic but we were in too much of a rush to take much notice.
There was an earth bridge leading away from where we were, leading over the cliff. We ran. I tripped. The monsters got close. My goose was cooked.
Then the ranger, thinking quickly, tied a rope to an arrow and fired it down beside me while the warrior and the cleric broke the bridge.
I fell in free fall towards the sheer fall and swung towards the cliff with the rope. It was exhilarating! The monsters fell to their deaths!
Soon I was up on the small island of earth which had been created by the falling bridge. We realised that in front of us was a large circular metal door with the image of a tree emblazoned on it.
We looked back to the mimic and I called out to it in all of my languages. It responded in an ancient dialect of Celestial, I could hardly make it out. The cleric then used the spell comprehend languages to understand it, and we asked for its help.
But before we could talk much, it shouted out “Spider!”. The spider from the cave had somehow not died from the fall and was crawling back up the cliff, just ready to strike! But we had it by surprise now! We were all on it in second, it even lost a few eyes from some magic missiles! In the end, the mimic turned into a dragon and smashed the spider off of the cliff and we didn’t hear from it again.
Then the mimic came over to us and turned back into its tree form. We asked it to try to open the door and it did!

And what did we find? TREASURE! Tonnes of it! We gave some to the mimic to thank it for helping us (it eats treasure, how bizarre!). Then there was a teleportation orb in the treasure room so we used it.
And where did we end up? the magical statue that I was looking at earlier!
As it turns out, it was a statue of the orcish warrior, Denzel, that we met in the cave. It was put there by his father to mark the sadness at his disappearance.



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