Legends Of Therus

Adventurer's compendium: entry 5

A challenger appears...

Dear adventurer.
The the statue as it turns out was a warrior from the old province of Rotoria! He had been trapped as a statue by a litch (the spirit which left the summoning orb) for 1000 years, since before the cataclysm! We agreed that we needed each others help to escape since the door had been closed behind us so we pressed on.
In the first room we found there was a thin layer of water on the ground and a pond of slime in the center with a wisp floating around the top.
When we walked into the room several water elementals appeared! We quickly dispatched most of them but the wisp did something strange, it bounded off of the slime causing it to pulse with a slight glow. We decided then it was a good idea to kill the wisp and as soon as we did a door opened on the other side of the room.
And then, to our horror, the slime started to climb out of the pond. We decided then that this fight was not worth our time so we all decided to run. Now we were being chased into the next room by the last water elemental and a giant gelatinous blob! Intense!
We entered a short corridor. We could see light. But three hobgoblins blocked us in! We decided to run forward and dodge passed them! But first we saw a spider on the roof. We tried to knock him off with an arrow. But it didn’t work so we moved on.
Two of us made it passed the hobgoblins with little effort but the old warrior and the cleric had trouble so we had to stand and fight. We managed to knock them out of the way and we ran out into the light.



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