Legends Of Therus

Adventurer's compendium: entry 4

in the cave

Dear adventurer.
Continuing on from the last entry, we were walking through the cave.
Then surprise! Three goblins jump out of nowhere! I didn’t notice them until they were already on us, but my seasoned companions seemed to be on them in seconds, I didn’t even get to kill any of them! But to be fair, they saved my ass.
So we ventured on. We came to a dead end. I had read about things like this before though so I had the idea to search for a hidden door. What do you know?! I found one! and I was able to use my walking stick to lever it open!
It lead to a strange alter, in a dark room with a statue behind it. I could feel the necromantic presence from outside but where else would we go?
When we went inside we could see that there were small rivers behind the alter. As soon as we stepped inside, three living skeletons rose out of the water! Quick as a flash, the cleric steps up and turns two of them, one simply crumbled into dust at his feet and the other collapsed with a quick smack from my walking stick. This left just one skeleton, but after an arrow, a smack from my stick, and bludgeoning from the cleric it fell.
Then we noticed a summoning sphere on the table. I wanted to investigate but the ranger had other ideas, he tried to smash it and nearly succeeded! We tried to hold him back but that was a mistake (it was also unsuccessful). A dire wolf quickly apparated from the orb and we decided it was time to smash the orb.
When the orb was smashed a spirit appeared to fly out of it and explode. The dire wolf got thrown back onto it’s side. We then took the chance to electrocute, shoot and arrow into, and bludgeon this prone animal to death.
Then we noticed that the statue had come to life!



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