Legends Of Therus

Adventurer's compendium: entry 3

We finally set off for the north...

Dear adventurer.
Today we finally left Selcrease. We started north towards the cave that supposedly held this vast store of treasure.
It was a long walk of scenic countryside and open landscapes. On the way, the ranger told us of the strange things he had seen and heard the night before.
He told us that during the night, he said he heard howling and saw a great flash of red to north, exactly in the direction we were going in!
And when he questioned the innkeeper, she told him that when that she had been up north and saw things… There was a hell hole (what is a hell hole? this will take research) and a very large beast seemed to appear from this hell hole. Time for some adventure!
We eventually reached the chasm. We traveled through it without a problem.
Then we found the mouth of the cave. Now this is the adventure I was looking for!
We crept through the cave, there was an electricity in the air, a silence.



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